All On Four Dental Implants: Reconstruct Your Smile, Fast And Affordably, In Georgetown, TX

4405 Dental Studio was built on the idea that artistry and technology together provide a powerful way to reconstruct smiles damaged by decay, disease, or the passage of time. All-on-Four® Dental Implants in Georgetown TX, at the office of Dr. Andrew Edmonds, uses the latest dental research to replace missing teeth in a way that is fast and cost-effective, and that produces lasting results by restoring natural appearance and function.

What is the all-on-4® treatment concept?

All-on-4® refers to a tooth replacement procedure where as few as four implants may be placed to support an entire arch (upper or lower jaw) full of teeth. The magic is in the design and strategic placement of implants in the jaw, as well as the specific positioning of each implant.

Two implants may be placed toward the front of the jaw in a straight, up-and-down position, while two implants towards the back of the mouth may be tilted at a 45-degree angle. This placement allows for maximum stability, and makes the most of available bone by tilting the posterior or back implants. In turn, there are many benefits associated with this design, including:

It’s a graft-less procedure

There is no need to graft or build up bone among those patients who have suffered from bone resorption in the treatment area.

The system saves you money and time

This treatment allows you to avoid bone grafting procedures, which can be expensive and require many months of healing.

Patients never have to be seen without their teeth

After a consultation with you, Dr. Edmonds may find you are a good candidate for immediate implants, which means the fixed, full-arch prosthesis may be placed on the same day that teeth are extracted.

It’s a proven, long-term solution to tooth loss

Since Nobel Biocare introduced the All-on-4® system in 2004, more than 100,000 people have improved the quality of their lives with it. The 5 to 10-year survival rates range from around 95 percent to 98 percent, and healthy bone mass and soft tissues were retained.

Get prepared to be amazed by the all on four approach, and your personal before and after transformation. Call (512) 686-2525 to schedule a consultation at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown, TX.

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