Extractions and Preservations

Georgetown, TX dentist, Dr. Andrew Edmonds, provides safe tooth extraction services that preserve bone structure for future restorations.

When you have a damaged tooth, the ideal solution is to restore it. However, sometimes dental fillings, crowns, or other restorations simply aren’t viable. If you’ve been searching for “tooth extraction near me,” then you’ve found your answer! Dr. Edmonds of 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown, TX offers extractions and preservations, to ensure that your oral health and dazzling smile can be fully restored.

Simple Extractions

This procedure is also called pulling a tooth. The process is straightforward and uncomplicated, with very little recovery. The area is first numbed for your comfort. Your dentist will use specialized instruments to gently lift and move the tooth at precise angles, removing it from the socket with minimal force.

Surgical Extraction

The simple extraction method described above can only be performed if all or most of the tooth is intact and above the gum line, allowing your dentist to grasp it firmly. That is why wisdom tooth extraction is particularly challenging. Wisdom teeth often do not have enough room to fully emerge, a condition known as impaction. A surgical extraction is necessary if the tooth is broken or decayed below the gum line, or for an impacted tooth removal.

Preservative Dentistry – Extraction With Ridge Preservation

When it is not possible to repair a loose, badly decayed or broken tooth, extraction is necessary. In these situations, it is important to replace the tooth promptly, for aesthetic and health reasons. Patients who want to replace extracted teeth with dental implants will need to maintain as much bone tissue as possible, in order to provide a stable foundation. Ridge preservation is a type of bone graft that can be performed in conjunction with an extraction, which minimizes or prevents bone loss.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

It is important to replace the extracted tooth unless it was removed due to insufficient room (usually wisdom, or third molar tooth removal). There are several options for filling that gap, including:

  • Dental implants
  • A dental bridge
  • A partial denture
  • A full denture (if all teeth are missing or require extraction)

To get started and learn about your options, just give us a call and arrange a consultation.

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