Family Dentistry

Comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages. Georgetown, TX dentist, Dr. Andrew Edmonds, makes it easy for your entire family to receive convenient, high-quality care.

If you are in or near Georgetown, TX and searching for quality family dentistry, then look no further than 4405 Dental Studio. Dr. Andrew Edmonds and his team provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages.

Dental Care For Kids

Very small children are especially susceptible to decay. About half of the kids under the age of eleven have experienced one or more cavities. Nearly a third of kids between nine and eleven have decay in adult teeth. There are many reasons for this, including high-sugar fruit juices and baby formulas. Even infants fed breast milk are at risk because it contains natural sugars.

We advise parents to bring infants for their first visit at our family dental center as soon as a tooth emerges, or when the child reaches 12 months of age, whichever is sooner. After the initial exam, children are scheduled every six months, just like adults.

Dental Care For Teens

The teenage years are a particularly challenging time for kids and parents alike. Teens tend to eat poorly and brush infrequently, a combination that can lead to serious oral disease. This is also a time when they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood and developing habits that can last for life. It might feel like you are wasting time and effort when you remind your teenager to brush, floss, and limit snacks. However, they listen more than you might think, so keep it up!

Biannual dental appointments are especially important for teens. Professional teeth cleaning removes all the plaque and tartar that accumulate when they forget to brush. Additionally, if cavities develop, we can catch them and treat them early.

Maintaining Good Family Dental Health

Family dental care is about more than just repairing problems when they happen. We put a strong emphasis on preventive treatment and patient education to help you and your loved ones maintain great oral health. This includes checkups and teeth cleaning every six months, nutritional guidance, help in teaching little ones to care for their teeth, and much more. For affordable family dentistry in Georgetown, just give us a call.

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