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Georgetown, Tx Dentist Describes The Types And Cost Of Dentures

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With various options available, the process of replacing one or more teeth can be overwhelming for many patients. However, Dr. Andrew Edmonds and his team at 4405 Dental Studio work directly with Georgetown, TX area patients to help them choose a solution that best fits their needs. In many instances, this may involve the use of full or partial dentures. there are various types of dentures and the cost can vary depending on which is chosen. Educating patients on their options is the first step in finding a solution to a patient’s unique needs.

Types Of Dentures

There are a few different kinds of dentures that might be available to a patient with tooth loss:

  • Partial denture. A partial denture is used to replace one or more teeth in the dental arch. It is made of a metal framework that fits over the dental arch, using the existing teeth to help stabilize the denture. Partial dentures use false teeth that will slide into place when the appliance is worn. It may need adjustments with time, which is why it is important that patients bring their partial dentures to their routine dental evaluations.
  • Full denture. A full denture is the more common type of denture used in replacing all the teeth in the dental arch. These acrylic appliances are custom-made with false teeth and gums to replace the function of the smile. Full dentures are removed at night and replaced in the morning.
  • Implant-retained denture. One step above the full denture is the implant-retained denture. Dr. Andrew Edmond places four dental implants along the arch that are made to fit with the full denture, which snaps into place and uses the proper foundation for better functionality and improved overall strength.

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Discuss Your Denture Options With Dr. Andrew Edmonds

Georgetown, TX patients who need to replace one or more teeth will often want to talk to their dentist about the possibilities with dentures. Whether you are considering a partial denture or a full denture, our practice can help. The team at 4405 Dental Studio can be reached by calling (512) 855-7308 and visiting with our professionals to get the information needed to make a reliable, knowledgeable decision.