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Natural-looking Porcelain Crowns For A Complete And Restored Stunning Smile

By August 2, 2022November 29th, 2023No Comments

If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, pain and tooth sensitivity become the order of the order. If you decide to do nothing about it, the tooth underneath may suffer further damage and possible infection. The good thing is that Dr. Andrew Edmonds, at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown, Texas, can restore your damaged teeth with dental crowns. Our long-lasting and natural-looking dental crowns reinstate your dental function and esthetics, enabling you to eat, speak, and chew as if nothing had happened.

Why You May Need A Dental Crown

A porcelain dental crown is a tooth-colored dental cap made from natural materials to cover the visible part of your teeth to improve its size, color, strength, and translucency. Dental crowns are tiny, but they are pretty versatile in resolving numerous functional and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Edmonds may recommend a dental crown to:

  • Strengthen a weakened tooth
  • Improve the appearance and functionality of a misshapen tooth
  • Cover up a permanently stained tooth
  • Complete the dental implant treatment
  • Anchor a dental bridge in place
  • Treat a cavity that’s too large for a dental filling or inlay/onlay
  • Repair a significantly damaged or decayed tooth

If you think a dental crown can improve the strength or appearance of your tooth, give us a call today. We have the skills, technology, and experience to install crowns that fit well, look natural, and restore your oral functionality.

What To Expect From Dental Crown Treatment

This process requires at least two visits. First, the dentist inspects your tooth to ensure it can support a crown. Next, Dr. Edmonds files down and shapes your tooth to ensure a crown seals on it properly—of course, this procedure is done after numbing your mouth to minimize discomfort. If a significant portion of your tooth is decayed or damaged, we can rebuild it to fit a crown. However, if the damage is too extensive, we will remove the tooth and replace it with an implant.

After preparing your tooth, the dentist takes a mold of your tooth and the surrounding teeth. Your dentist then sends the mold to a technician who fabricates a crown that perfectly fits your mouth. As your crown is being prepared, we will place a temporary crown to protect your prepped tooth.

During your second visit, we will switch your temporary dental crown with the permanent one. We will adjust the shade and fit of your crown to match your smile. If everything is according to the plan, we use dental cement to bond your crown permanently to your tooth.

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Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Not sure whether you should invest in a dental crown? Consider the benefits below to make up your mind. Patients and dentists like dental crowns because:

  • They are natural-looking
  • They are durable enough to last up to 20 years
  • They don’t alter the way you clean your teeth and gums
  • They are versatile in resolving numerous dental health concerns
  • They can be covered by your insurance if recommended for restoration purposes

Want to crown your teeth in Georgetown, Texas? Please dial (512) 855-7308 for a royal treatment from 4405 Dental Studio.