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Obtaining Natural-looking Partial Or Full Dentures With Georgetown, Tx Area Dentist

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Tooth loss, if left without proper or effective treatment, affects more than just a patient’s self-image. It can also impact the risk of developing nutritional problems, cause the shifting of the natural bite, and even affect one’s ability to properly eat and digest their favorite foods. When these problems arise, it is vital to talk to a restorative dentist regarding the options available for tooth replacement. Patients in the Georgetown, TX area who are dealing with tooth loss are encouraged to speak to Dr. Andrew Edmonds of 4405 Dental Studio to discuss the benefits of natural-looking dentures- partial and full dentures.

Partial Vs. Full Dentures

What is the difference between a partial denture and a full denture?

  • A partial denture is a denture that replaces one or more teeth in the dental arch and is typically made of an acrylic and metal framework. False teeth are attached to the prosthetic, which is snapped into place with the remaining teeth acting as a support. The partial denture is easy to remove and care for to keep it clean, and it can be easily adjusted as needed when changes occur to the shape and form of the mouth and the dental ridge.
  • A full denture is a prosthetic that is made of acrylic. It replaces the entire arch of teeth using false teeth and gum tissues. Patients can keep their dentures in place using denture adhesives, or speaking to their doctor about the possibility of implant-retained dentures. These dentures are the most common solution for patients with full tooth loss in the upper and/or lower jaw.

Will My Restoration Look Fake?

Dr. Andrew Edmonds focuses on ensuring his dental restorations look and feel as natural as possible. He works with patients to help them design their new smile, or create a partial denture that has false teeth that blend seamlessly with the rest of the smile by ensuring they are the same shape, size, and color as the remaining teeth in the smile.

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