Oral Appliances

If you suffer from bruxism or TMJ, Dr. Andrew Edmonds of Georgetown, Texas, offers customized appliances to improve symptoms effectively.

Dr. Edmonds and his team at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown, Texas, are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for many different conditions. This includes various types of oral appliances, which may be used to treat bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth).

Bruxism Treatment

Clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep is a common habit, which is also quite destructive to oral health. It can cause fractures in teeth and make them wear down quickly. The strain on muscles can lead to jaw pain or TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder). Additionally, bruxism is a risk factor for sleep apnea.

The bruxism dental appliance can stop potentially irreversible damage to your teeth and jaw. Most patients report that the devices are comfortable to wear and do not interfere with sleep. In fact, this type of oral appliance therapy can eliminate toothaches, headaches, and other troublesome symptoms of teeth grinding.

Find The Right Dental Appliance For You

Whether you need a bruxism appliance or sports mouthguard, you will find the ideal solution right here at 4405 Dental Studio. Our devices are custom-made for each patient to address their unique needs and provide a comfortable fit. Please feel free to call our office for an appointment or if you have any questions. You can reach us at (512) 686-2525.

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