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Why Get A Professional Dental Cleaning In Georgetown, Tx?

By May 31, 2022November 29th, 2023No Comments

Regular professional dental cleanings are a critical aspect of maintaining good oral hygiene. Besides keeping your gums and teeth healthy, a standard dental cleaning in Georgetown, TX, allows your dentist to look for other issues like gingivitis or cavities so they can be treated early. Most dental professionals recommend a visit every six months for a cleaning and to ensure your gums remain in excellent condition. Before you search for a tooth cleaning near me, it is essential to understand why professional cleanings are necessary, including:

  • Brighter smile
  • Cavity prevention
  • Cost-effective
  • Fresh breath
  • Tooth loss prevention

Brighter Smile

Those who get regular dental cleanings have brighter and whiter teeth with less plaque and tartar and fewer stains.

Cavity Prevention

One of the most prominent and primary reasons for professional dental cleanings is to avoid cavities, which can be expensive. Also, cleanings are a more pleasant experience than a root canal.


Most dental insurance coverages have low or no copays for cleanings and exams, so it can be tremendous cost savings to schedule cleaning twice per year. Even without insurance coverage, regular cleanings are significantly less expensive than complicated oral procedures down the road.

Fresh Breath

In addition to brushing and flossing, dental cleanings control the number of bacteria in your mouth, responsible for bad breath. Professional cleaning once every six months can help maintain an odor-free mouth.

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Tooth Loss Prevention

Gum disease is a severe medical issue that can impact your overall health. It begins when plaque builds up on the teeth. As the disease progresses, the plaque shifts into the tooth, where it destroys supporting bone tissue within the jaw. The result is loosened teeth which eventually fall out. Regular cleanings significantly reduce the odds of this from occurring.

Getting a regular dental cleaning approximately every six months will help keep your smile beautiful, limit cavities, and give you fresher breath. It will also help prevent tooth loss and is more cost-effective than an expensive oral procedure down the road!

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